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Multiply Your Experimental Capabilities

三分时时彩开奖结果Confidently perform multiple experiments simultaneously with the Agilent Cary 3500 UV-Vis.

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Find technical tips for Atomic spectroscopy systems, fast

The new spectroscopy resource hub keeps maintenance and troubleshooting info close at hand

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Critical quality attributes (CQA) application compendium

Application notes, troubleshooting guide, sample preparation tips, and much more



Advancing Glycosciences, Together

With ProZyme now a part of Agilent, our glycan analysis workflow takes you from samples to answers.

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Your Complete Immunotherapy Tool Bench

Tune the drivers of immune cell potency, fate, and persistence.

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Expanding Parallel CE to Agilent

The automated electrophoresis portfolio has expanded to include the Fragment Analyzer systems.

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Now Part of Agilent

ACEA Biosciences

Pioneer of high-performance cell analysis platforms for life science research.

ProZyme, Inc.

Developer of glycan analysis reagents, kits and standards

ULTRA Scientific

三分时时彩开奖结果 Now Agilent’s complete portfolio of chemical standards and certified reference materials

Advanced Analytical (AATI)

Developer of parallel CE solutions for enhanced nucleic acid sensitivity and resolution


Developer of simplified and integrated LIMS and ELN laboratory software solutions.

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